San Felipe Puerto Plata


San Felipe Puerto Plata

On the pictures que coast of the Atlantic oocean lies the city of puerto plata province north playa dorada, one of the most popular resortsin the Dominican Republic. “Silver Port”, “Amber Coast” — the city received these names due to turquoise water with silver highlights in the bay and beaches with golden sand. Grains of black amber, which these shores are famous for, give such a rich color to the sand of the beaches. Puerto Plata offers not only ideal beaches and exotic landscapes. Victorian-style mansions, an old fort, cascading waterfalls, a marine park — there is something to see and something to admire.

Attractions of Puerto Plata

With fabulous beaches, exotic scenery, colonial architecture, unique museums, amber cove and fascinating tours, Puerto Plata has plenty to offer its guests. It's best to plan your travels in advance to enjoy all the attractions of the luxurious resort.


According to 2010 data, 158,576 people live in SanFelipe Puerto Plata. Most of them are Dominicans by nationality. There are also Cubans, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, and Jews. The dominant religion is Roman Catholicism.

Brief history

The city owes its name to the famous navigator Christopher Columbus, who discovered this land for Europeans. When he first sailed near the bay, its waters sparkled in the sun like silver. That's what gave the place its name Puerto Plata, which translates as "Silver Bay" in Spanish.san felipe de puerto plata

Columbus first landed on the shores of san felipePuerto Plata at the very end of the XV century. Then there was another Spanish expedition in 1502, which founded the settlement of San Felipe de Puerto Plata. Gradually it grew, serving as an intermediate port on the way from the Old World to the colonized lands of the Caribbean. At that time, Puerto Plata was often raided by pirates, who had the support of some local residents.

In the middle of the XVIII century, the city began to flourish. Mansions of the planters, who grew rich by growing tobacco and sugar cane, appeared here.

In the second half of the XIX century, the city was severely destroyed during the War for the Restoration of Dominican Independence. After the war, Puerto Plata was quickly rebuilt and gradually became one of the most attractive resorts of the Dominican Republic.

The best time to visit Puerto Plata

The city is located in a tropical climate zone with abundant rainfall. It rains the least in June. Tropical downpours begin suddenly but come to an end very quickly. Immediately afterward, the sun appears bright in the sky. Temperature differences between the seasons in Puerto Plata are insignificant. The average temperature in winter is +19ºС ... +24ºС, in summer — +22ºС ... +27ºС.

Every year in July, the grandiose Rum Festival is held in Puerto Plata. The program of the holiday includes excursionsto the rum factories, workshops by famous bartenders, tasting of the best sorts of strong local drink.

In October, the streets are filled with fiery Latin American tunes. The Merengue Festival is held at the same time. The energetic and passionate dance attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. The festival is accompanied by a folk crafts fair, tasting traditional food and drinks.

You can get to know the colorful Puerto Plata any time of the year. There are always incredible surprises and stunningly beautiful sites waiting for visitors.

Things to do in Puerto Plata

  • See Fort SanFelipe. America's oldest colonial fortress was erected in the XVI century to protect against pirates. Later, it was used as a prison. There is now a historical museum with interesting exhibits inside the fort's walls. The peak on which the fort is located offers a beautiful panorama of the city.
  • Admire the Cathedral of SanFelipe. The only Catholic church in the city was built in the XVI century on the site of an older church. The small but very beautiful and bright cathedral in colonial style is located on the central square.
  • Take the cable car up to Mount Isabel de Torres. During the cable car ride, you can admire magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean. At the top of the mountain is the National Botanical Garden, which is home to rare species of fauna. There is also a scaled-down copy of the Brazilian statue of Jesus Christ, an observation deck with telescopes, souvenir shops, and a small café.
  • Learn about the history of indigenous peoples at the Museum of Taino Indian Civilization. Its interesting exhibits tell about the life and livelihood of the Indians and their traditional trades.
  • Marvel at exhibits of the Amber Museum, located within the walls of a beautiful Victorian building. The exhibitions take up two floors. Here you can see rare specimens of the sunstone — the ones with flowers, butterflies, and other insects inside. The pride of the museum is a piece of amber with a captive lizard more than 40 cm long in it.
  • Spend a day at Ocean World Adventure Park. The adventure park is located in the western suburbs of Puerto Plata. It consists of a marine park, a zoological garden, a large artificial beach, and a marina. On its territory, you can see exotic fish and birds, feed stingrays, swim with dolphins and sea lions, and admire parrot and whale shows. Thrill-seekers can swim with trained sharks.
  • Take a tour of the rum factory. Puerto Plata has a factory of the famous Brugal company, which produces traditional Dominican rum. Visitors here are introduced to the history of the brand and the rum-making process. Each guest can taste the amazing drink and buy a bottle at a price several times lower than the market price.
  • Go to the famous cascade of 27 Damajagua waterfalls. It is a 20-minute drive from the city center, surrounded by wild tropical nature. All of the waterfalls are different heights, with 7 to 8 meters deep pools.Going to Damajagua, do not forget to take special slippers for swimming so as not to hurt your feet on the rocks.
  • Rest on the beach. The Puerto Plata Resort like Playa Dorada area includes several magnificent beaches totaling 20 kilometers long. Some of them are ideal for a relaxing holiday; others are a paradise for fans of active water sports. Here you can choose beaches with white or golden sand.
  • Try the local cuisine. Order seafood stewed in coconut sauce, rice soup with banana chips or stewed bananas served with pieces of fried bacon and a boiled egg. The most original local sweet is Habichuelas con dulce, sweet cream of milk, nuts, and beans with spices and dried fruits.

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