Silver Cup Photowalk Puerto Plata

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Silver Cup Photowalk Puerto Plata

Silver Cup Photowalk Puerto Plata

Discover the historical and visually captivating essence of Puerto Plata through the iconic Silver Cup Photowalk. This charming spot, identified with the name of Puerto Plata, echoes the rich history of the island, named so by the Spaniards upon their arrival, in reference to the little silver cup.

Why is it called Silver Cup?

Christopher Columbus, on his first voyage, gave the name Monte de Plata to what is now called Isabel de Torres Mountain, because in the vegetation of the entire northern and coastal coast there is a tree named grayumbo. As this is a humid area, this species of plant, in reaction to the humidity, redoubles its green foliage, showing its beautiful intense silver color, while the sun in turn reflected on this mountain, making it shine, it showed its great silver splendor.  


As is well known, this mountain is its altar, generally at the top there is mist that makes it even more humid; For this reason, at the foot of the mountain, on the seashore, the port was called Puerto de Plata. A century and a half later, everyday use gave it the current name of Puerto Plata. In the Isabel de Torres National Park you can live the experience.


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While navigating Puerto Plata, you cannot overlook the opportunity to immortalize your experience. The Parador Photowalk has become a landmark for those seeking to carry a visual memory of the city. Its uniqueness makes it a must-stop for all visitors.

The beauty of Parador Photowalk unfolds in every corner, providing a perfect backdrop to capture special moments with friends and family. Every step you take in this charming location offers the chance to create unforgettable memories.

When you find yourself near the parador, don't hesitate to pause for a moment and capture the essence of Puerto Plata in your photographs. Share this visual treasure with your loved ones, taking with you not just images but also the unique experience that only Puerto Plata Parador Photowalk can offer.

Immerse yourself in the magic of this historic corner, where tradition intertwines with modernity, and each photograph becomes a visual testament to the timeless beauty of Puerto Plata. Explore, capture, and carry the essence of Silver Cup Parador Photowalk in every image!

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