How to visit Puerto Plata city

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How to visit Puerto Plata city

Puerto Plata City Historic Route

The clothing do you need to have is the most comfortable, for example: (shorts, t-shirt, sunglasses, your camera for your photos and your family or friends can never be missing).

Before arriving you must know first-hand everything about where you are and where you are going. For this information, we make our app available to you, which is updated and continues to update so that you have first-hand information and can do it yourself.

Tour in puerto plata city

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I will tell you something brief about Puerto Plata city, it is a beautiful city full of history that with the locations of the places in the app you will be able to get to know it in a short time, Puerto Plata is a small place and in 2 hours or less, you will be able to see all the places They are not in plain sight and I would surprise you if I told you that the places are in front of you, but since you are new to Puerto Plata I will explain everything to you at once.

We know the tourist and we are friendly and helpful people and we love tips, I can't deny it, but regardless of the money, we know that you are a visitor and out of habit we treat our visitor well so that they can come back again.

Sometimes you may feel very strange because of the way they treat you, maybe you are not used to so much attention, but I remind you that you are our visitor and we are going to treat you well, that is our factory defect, but don't worry, just say thank you for the service. Borrowing is fine and much better if you leave a tip with thanks it is much better.

Now we are going to walk a little and I am going to leave you a list of places by category so you can choose the route you want to take, all these routes are the same routes that other visitors are going to take for a price and you are going to go to the same ones. places saving money, time and enjoying more than others because along the way you find places that they are not going to go because they go by bus just meters away but don't tell anyone later it will cause problems with the tourist guides.

* Historic Route 
This route will take you to know our history and you will see beautiful places.


1- Umbrella Street Photowalk

     Puerto Plata City        
Umbrella Street Photowalk

You will love this place and you will enjoy a good coffee in case you need to drink, smoke a good cigar straight from the factory or eat something to settle your stomach and continue walking, it is a very special and familiar place.

Just around the South corner we find the Umbrella Street, a colorful promenade where we visit gift shops, bars and restaurants, including El Rincon Del Café #2, the top place to taste and buy wide varieties of organic Dominican coffee.

2- Doña Blanca Photowalk

     Puerto Plata City        
Doña Blanca Photowalk

Place well known for its peculiar color, you cannot miss visiting.

One Block away, between Calle Beller and Juan Bosch, we find the Paseo de Doña Blanca, a red-painted alley street dedicated to Mrs. Bianca Franceschini, a pioneer in the development of the early tourism industry in Puerto Plata at the end of the 18th century. Right next to it there is a cigar store and café, Pachuché.

3- Cathedral of Saint Philip the Apostle

     Puerto Plata City        
Cathedral of Saint Philip the Apostle

Our beautiful Catholic Church, a place with beautiful architecture that deserves respect, very special.

Puerto Plata’s historic center (Centro Historico) is the heart of the city, where visitors will find the richest Victorian style architecture, gingerbread homes and vibrant echoes of this city’s past. It all starts at the Parque Independencia, a central park surrounded by the most interesting buildings, and home to the Cathedral of San Felipe.

4- Historical Central Park

     Puerto Plata City        
Historical Central Park

Now you are in the center of the city and you already notice how beautiful it is, there are many places around it and among them I always recommend the man who sells the cold coconuts, when you drink a cold coconut you will know the real reason of your visit, recommended.

Besides the Cathedral and the central park, the area has a long list of landmark restaurants, buildings, institutions, stores, markets, and other places of importance to historians and tourism.

5- Amber Museum

     Puerto Plata City        
Amber Museum

Place that you cannot miss is this museum, it has an entrance fee, but here you will find out where the Jurassic Park movie came from, if it is the same one by the director of Steven Spielberg, recommended.

The Dominican Amber Museum in Puerto Plata is the most important of its kind, with several show rooms displaying important pieces across the exhibits that explain the creation, mining, and characteristics of amber. Fossilized insects can be found among the pieces, and all amber color varieties. Visitors can also purchase jewelry, rum, Larimar and La Aurora cigars.

6- Gregorio Luperón House

     Puerto Plata City        
Gregorio Luperón House

Now you are in the house of our national hero, here you will learn about the history of Puerto Plata and where our history comes from first-hand.

Two blocks away in Calle 13 de Julio visitors will find the Gregorio Luperon Museum, honoring the most important figure of the North Dominican Republic, and a national hero. The exhibits are worth a visit, providing a complete insight into life and society during his lifetime.

7- Melosa Step

     Puerto Plata City        
Melosa Step

Beautiful place to take a break, drink or eat something special, recommended place.

Right next door to Skina there is an alley lined up with drink and food options enough for every taste: Paso Melosa. This is a promenade alley where visitors find a wine bar, a pizza shop, gift shop, pastry shop, coffee shop, ice cream and much more.

8- Fisherman's pier

     Puerto Plata City        
Fisherman's pier

Now you will know a small fishing pier, long ago it was used to sell fresh fish, and you know where you are on the Puerto Plata boardwalk, in front of the pier you will be able to see different restaurants and places to eat.

9- Photographic Parador

     Puerto Plata City        
Photographic Parador

You got to where you had to get to tell your friends that you went to Puerto Plata without this photo you can't say that you visited Puerto Plata, enjoy the view.

10- San Felipe Fortress

     Puerto Plata City        
San Felipe Fortress

This place is located at the tip of the boardwalk, that's what we call it, and everything around it is full of places that you can see while walking, don't forget to take photos, enjoy the beautiful beauty.

One of the top ten tours in Puerto Plata is located in La Puntilla, the very end of the Malecon boulevard of Puerto Plata. The Fort San Felipe is a timeless sentinel, still guarding the city’s port entrance. Its construction was commissioned by King Phillip II of Spain in 1564, and completed in 1577.

Note: If you walk the entire boardwalk to the other side, you will find bars, restaurants on the beach, La Siren supermarket, be careful when crossing the street, the boardwalk is 4 km away which you can walk in less than 30 min.

To return to your place of origin just look at the map in the app and you will see the exact place where you are and you simply have to walk back. The origin location is in the app.

I hope you liked the route, we will continue adding more routes, this is where the Historical Route ends. 
If you want to take advantage a little more and want to go for the most popular excursions in Puerto Plata you can go to the link here or within the app it is also available.

Don't forget to visit isabel de Torres National Park, this beautiful mountain has so much diversity and ride the cable car, you can get there directly from Amber Cove, Taino bay  and once you are at the top of the hill, enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean if you decide on the shore excursion  like cayo arena.  Below we present some of the best in Puerto Plata without forgetting to visit the city center,  damajagua waterfallsand if you come through the airport pop you can contact the transfer to take you to your accommodation in playa dorada Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, has Ocean World Adventure  for you find out more from the travelerd app