Restoration of Masonic Lodge No. 11

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Restoration of Masonic Lodge No. 11

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Restoration Masonic Lodge No.11 Or:. From Puerto Plata

Brief Historical Data of the Respectable with the distinctive title of Restoration No. 11, Inc. of the east of Puerto Plata, met by extraordinary convocation, under the geometric point known only as the widow's children, the most illustrious Knights Pedro Dubocq, Venerable Master, José Francisco Ginebra, First Vigilante, Chery Cohén, Second Vigilante, General Gregorio Luperón, Speaker, José Vicente Garrido, Secretary, or others, met at the Installation Meeting on the 25th day of the GMO, Masonic month Elull, of the Hebrew year 5627, A:D:. L:.V:.L:. Which corresponds to the 25th of September 1867, E:. V:.

Since that fortunate day and year of 1867, those Knights who made up the Masonic Cadre of the Respectable Restoration Lodge No. 11, raising the triptych banner of FREEDOM, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY, launched themselves as true Workers of the Holy Temple, sons of Hiran to build Altars to virtue and Dungeons for vice, for the greatest honor and glory of the Great Architect of the Universe and for the Happiness and Well-being of the Puerto Plata Community.

Counting on the Pecuniary Resources of all the Brothers and the Weekly production of their own Charity Lottery, a special section was made monthly of an estimable sum, for the maintenance of the only Hospital that existed at that time in Puerto Plata.

“Las Mercedes”, in addition to those same entries of about RD$ 2,500.00 gold pesos, which were distributed annually among the poorest class of this community of Puerto Plata, other sums were destined to attract outstanding students to support their Higher Studies.

Restoration Masonic Lodge No.11
Restoration Masonic Lodge No.11

For the continuity of the Democratic process and the Sovereignty of the Republic before and after the first and second Republic, in the year 1879, General Gregorio Luperón was president of the Republic, (first sword of the Restoration, our founder and first Speaker, The candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic of Fernando Arturo de Meriño was prepared, taking office on September 10, 1880. Among the members and those close to our Masonic institution we mention the president Ulises Heureaux, the intellectual Eugenio María de Hostos, a prominent Educator and Latin American Political Leader, founder of the Normal school of the Dominican Republic, President Jacinto Bienvenido Peynado, President Ulises Francisco Espaillat, Emilio Prud'homme, President General Antonio Imbert Barrera, (National Hero) Segundo Imbert Barrera, or others.

The Respectable and Benemérita Logia Simbolica Restauración No. 11, Inc. in the institutional order had, since the time of its founding, great leadership with Economic, Social and political influence throughout the nation's territory, in anniversary celebrations, among visitors There were the authorities, civil and military, the Civil Government, the Honorable Municipal Council, the Commerce Club, the Fe en el Porvenir Society, the Ladies Club, the Youth Club, and the Puerto Plata Union.

Given the great importance and incidence of contribution to the development of the nation, historical data that due to its significance reside in the archives of the Nation, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications, (INDOTEL) through its former minister Dr. José Rafael Vargas , ordered the total reconstruction of the Structure of the Centennial Masonic Building, considering it a valuable architecture built in bricks and wood to the measurements and similarity of the Temple of Solomon, declared a cultural monument of the Republic, at the same time ordered the construction of an auditorium for about 500 people for the use of all sectors, Cultural Clubs, Neighborhood Associations and other non-profit Associations and a Computer Training Center (CCI).

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