Puntilla Photowalk Puerto Plata

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Puntilla Photowalk Puerto Plata

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Puntilla Photowalk Puerto Plata

La Puntilla is a place of high symbolic, historical and scenic value in Puerto Plata. The proposal was based on turning the park into a catalyst to raise the quality of the city's urban space. Its strategic position between the historic center, the boardwalk and the port make the park and the La Puntilla amphitheater key elements. An urban and landscape architecture project sensitive to the preexistence of the place is conceived, with the reuse of existing buildings and the incorporation of new cultural uses.

In 2009, the Department of Planning and Projects of the Ministry of Tourism organized the La Puntilla International Urban and Landscape Architecture Competition with the aim of making Puerto Plata a better place for the local population and its visitors. The contest proposed to look back at Puerto Plata, the first tourist hub in the Dominican Republic, developed in the early seventies, and reflect on its tourism model.
The competition was an unprecedented event for Puerto Plata and the country, and was received with great credibility and motivation by architects, landscapers, engineers and students of these careers: 65 teams were prequalified and 50 proposals were received, which demonstrated the high tourism potential of the province.

La Puntilla del Malecón, along with the Isabel de Torres Mountain and the roundabout at Plaza Independencia, is one of the most emblematic places in the urban landscape of Puerto Plata.

La Puntilla is located in an area very close to the historic center of Puerto Plata. Due to its geographical condition, it enjoys privileged views towards the Amber Coast and towards the city and the mountains, especially from the lighthouse area, which is its highest point.

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The project is part of the strategic plan to relaunch Puerto Plata as a tourist destination, which includes, in addition to the intervention in La Puntilla, the vehicular and pedestrian adaptation of the streets of the historic center (which includes paving with cobblestones, the redefinition of the direction of the roads and the undergrounding of cables), the opening of the New Market and the improvement of urban infrastructures.
Constructive process

The project began with the location of the different elements of street furniture and the different areas. The earthworks were carried out cautiously, to avoid unnecessary damage to the natural environment.
Integration of the urban park and amphitheater of Puerto Plata

The urban park and the Puntilla amphitheater are integrated into the sustainable city project of Puerto Plata, complementing other points of the city to achieve a sustainable urban tourist circuit, for the Puerto Plata native and the visitor. These entertainment points are: the Mercado Nuevo, Luperón Park, La Puntilla, Eugenio María de Hostos Park, Plaza Independencia, Regalado Park and the boardwalk.
The design enhances the connection with the boardwalk and the historic center, and is committed to a park for pedestrians, so the presence of vehicles was minimized as much as possible. Paved areas were reduced to obtain the maximum surface area of green areas and improve soil permeability.

In the extensive project the following areas are distinguished:
Access. The entrance to the park is defined by the presence of five ceibas that welcome the visitor and accompany them as they enter the enclosure.

The Pool. In this sector, special attention is paid to the Poza del Castillo, a place very loved by the people of Puerto Plata for being one of the favorite play places for the little ones. Cave. Hidden by the vegetation in the west area is the parking area.

Amphitheater. With capacity for more than 4,000 people, the open-air amphitheater is undoubtedly the star element of the new park. The design takes advantage of the topography to create the stands.

Tip. The tip area is maintained as a green area, with a minimum of pavement.

Various areas of rooms and viewpoints are integrated with the new sports and children's play equipment. The lighting, children's games and urban furniture designed especially for La Puntilla (benches and sun loungers, trash cans, signage) are distributed throughout the complex to allow better use and enjoyment of the park.


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