Jose Briceño Baseball Stadium

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Jose Briceño Baseball Stadium


Jose Briceño Baseball Stadium, Puerto Plata

In the tourist city of Puerto Plata, the José Briceño Stadium is located, which was inaugurated on Sunday, December 10, 1978, with the presence of the President of the Republic at that time, Don Antonio Guzmán Fernández and the main sports and municipal authorities of the epoch.

Professor Jesús De La Rosa, Secretary of State for Sports at the time, and journalist Rubén De Lara, National Baseball Commissioner, addressed those present at the busy protocol event that marked the inauguration of the baseball stadium.

The construction of the José Briceño stadium, which began in 1975, (then president, Dr. Joaquín Balaguer) at a cost of 5 million 550 thousand pesos, was carried out by the company Dubeau & De Los Santos.

Its construction was fundamentally motivated by the need for stadiums in the provinces that were part of the Cibao Summer League. The Pirates of the Atlantic team had its headquarters in this town.

This important sports work built by order of the Dominican State was delivered in 1978 together with the General Gregorio Luperón International Airport, President Antonio Guzmán formally inaugurated the Puerto Plata ball park.

Year 2022- Current status of the José Briceño Stadium

One of the main sports projects in the province of Puerto Plata is in a state of abandonment.

In 1996, as a result of its advanced state of deterioration, a renovation process began, but the work was paralyzed when there was about 40% left to complete.

The electrical cables were stolen in 2004 and in 2020, since then the stadium has no lighting, no water service and the bathrooms do not work, a situation that caused the former administrator of the facility to order its closure.

The stadium, whose capacity is 10,500 fans, requires repair of the land, lights, bathrooms, as well as the clubhouses and stands.

"The José Briceño stadium in Puerto Plata is equipped with facilities, like one of our families, and from now on the project to house a team of the invertebrate group is planned."

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