Gregorio Luperon Statue

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Gregorio Luperon Statue

Gregorio Luperon Statue Puero Plata


General Gregorio Luperón was born in Puerto Plata in 1839. He was a Dominican soldier and politician, who participated decisively in the independence campaign of 1844 and held the presidency of the Republic, provisionally, between 1879 and 1880.

His government was established in his native Puerto Plata. He then began a reform plan and, among other measures aimed at promoting popular education, carried out an intense subsidy program for all newspapers.

As a writer, from 1884, he established himself on the island of Saint-Thomas, and there he wrote his "Autobiographical Notes and Historical Notes", a work that he published in Puerto Rico in 1896.

Like all men in whom imagination predominates over culture, the Dominican hero likes images and almost always expresses his ideas through, not logical forms and direct phrases, but rhetorical figures and comparisons, sometimes fortunate. Of his lyrics, it stands out how he compares the Republic with "a building in ruins, which in the midst of its demolished walls preserves something of its grandeur and its beauty."

Far from his homeland, precisely in Saint Thomas, in 1897 he fell ill with cancer and agreed to return to the country. He died in his native Puerto Plata that same year.

Monument of Capotillo to the Heroes of the Restoration Deed

Monument of Capotillo to the Heroes of the Restoration Deed, built in 1984 to honor the memory and place of the historical deed of 1863 to restore the Republic. The construction corresponds to the province of Dajabón in the northwest line of the Dominican Republic, more or less 310 kilometers from the capital of the country. This work was built during the government led by Salvador Jorge Blanco.