Allure of the Seas Capacity

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Allure of the Seas Capacity

Allure of the Seas Overview

The Allure of the Sea ocean largest cruise line is one of the largest  newin the world. She belongs to the Oasis Class of the Royal Caribbean international company. She was launched in the year 2010. Cruising aboard the Allure of the Seas line involves sailing in a floating city full of activities and facilities. She has attractions for all ages and sails to Taino Bay port Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.things to do in puerto plata cruise port (Port Taino Bay)

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Allure of the Seas Ship Family Photo
                 Allure of the Seas capacity      

To get to know this boat well, we give you some information. 7,400 passengers is the capacity of the Oasis of the Seas, its length is 362 meters and its weight is more than 225,000 tons. This is equivalent to more than three football fields.

Allure of the Seas cruise ship

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class already has 5 ships: Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas and the newest, Wonder of the Seas.  

She is the most awarded boat in the world. She has received the award for “Best Entertainment”, “Best Cruise ships” and “Best Individual Cruise”.

Allure of the Seas Amenities

If something surprises about this boat, it is its facilities. Many of them never seen before on any other ship. Do you know what is the best of all? The use of these facilities and/or the shows that are represented in them are totally free.

     Allure of the Seas Ship        
Allure of the Seas
                 Allure of the Seas capacity      

Zip line 
Flowrider (surf simulator) 
Hand carved wooden carousel 
Water park 
Ice skating rink 
Aquatic theater 
Central park 
Climbing wall

Rock climbing

Allure of the Seas Ship Neighborhoods 
The new Allure of the Seas is made up of neighborhoods so that passengers can better locate themselves and know which area of ​​the shipto go to depending on the activity they want to do:

     Allure of the Seas Ship        
Royal Caribbean, Allure of the Seas
                 Allure of the Seas pictures      

Royal Promenade: it is the main avenue of the shiip, where you can walk and have a drink. It houses a double-height bar and some restaurants and shops.

Central Park: It is the green area of ​​the shiip, with the same name as the famous park, in Central Park is a perfect day to you find plants from all over the worlld. Through it, you can walk and also dine at the restaurant 150 Central Park.

Royal Caribbean Top 5

Family Activities on Allure of the Seas  


Boardwalk:An avenue in the central part of the shipp, walking you arrive at the rear area where the Aqua Theater (water theater where you will enjoy free shows) or the children’s carousel, among others, is located.

Entertainment Place: It is located under the Royal Promenade and is a main entertainment area: ice skating rink, casino and ship theater, adventure ocean.

Vitality At Sea: It is the area where the spa and gym are located.

Pool And Sports Zone: In this area you will spend a lot of time during your cruise, swimming pools, solarium and sports areas.

     Allure of the Seas Ship        
Allure of The Seas Pictures
                 Allure of the Seas Ship      

Youth Zone: It is a complete neighborhood where there are attractions for children up to the age of twelve. The Youth Zone is divided into 3 zones; Aquanauts, Explorers and Voyagers, each one for children of different ages.

A guide we recommend: Things to do in the Allure of the Seas, by Royal Caribbean do provide good insight into more activities aboard this fabulous cruise sship. Also Dining aboard the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas.

This last one has the full list of restaurants aboard the shipp, including The Adagio Dining Room, done in 1920’s Art Deco style; Giovanni’s Table, 150 Central Park, Park Cafe, and Chops Grille among the rest found in the Central Park neighborhood.

Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

Full Ship Tour & Review  


Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Dress Code 
Daytime: Allure of the Seas maintains a casual onboard vibe and dress code during the day, with people dressing for the weather or for laying by the pool.

     Allure Of The Seas Rooms        
Allure Of The Seas Rooms
                 Allure of the Seas rooms      

Evening: Weeklong cruises consist of two formal nights and five casual nights. On casual nights, expect a mix of jeans and slacks in the main dining rooms and nicer restaurants; elsewhere T-shirts and shorts are fine for both men and women. Many men choose to wear tuxedos for formal dining, though dark suits are much more common. Women are typically found in cocktail dresses or gowns.

Bare feet are not permitted at any time in any venue, and tank tops are not allowed in any of the restaurants, except the buffet, for dinner. Shorts are discouraged in the main dining room for dinner, but you'll see people in them anyway.


Sails To: Bahamas, Caribbean, Transatlantic – Taino Bay Port, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. 
Sails From: Fort Lauderdale, FL 
Duration: 2 – 5 Days, 6 – 9 Days, 10+ Days, night


22 knots Average Speed  
524 Inside Cabins  
2,218 Outside Cabins 


If you are planning to visit Puerto Plata, you can download the tourist guide and plan your visits easily and quickly, the download is totally free!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much does it cost to go on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas?

Cruises on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas start from $269 per person.

Is Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas a good ship to cruise on?

Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas won 57 awards over the years.

What capacity is Allure of the Seas sailing at?

The vessel spans 18 decks, of which 16 are passenger decks and accommodates 5,484 passengers and 6,780 in double occupancy

What is special about the Allure of the Seas?

Allure of the Seas delivers exhilarating onboard experiences, award-winning entertainment, and morewows-per-deck than any other experience on land or sea to everyone who comes aboard. Where else will you find seven distinct neighborhoods, 25 dining options, and 2,384 crew waiting to serve you, all in one place?

Which ship is bigger Oasis or Allure?

As of 2018, the Oasis class ships were the largest passenger vessels ever in service, and Allure is 50 millimetres (2.0 in) longer than her sister ship Oasis of the Seas, though both were built to the same specifications.

What class is Allure of the Seas?

Oasis Class

Part of the fan-favorite Oasis Class, Allure of the Seas® has long been one of the most popular ships among couples and families. If you're chasing thrills, try a white-knuckle zip line ride nine stories above the Boardwalk.

How many floors are in Allure of the Seas?

The boat has 17 decks (16 passenger-accessible, 11 with cabins), 28 lounges and bars, 20 restaurants and food bars, 5 swimming pools, 9 outdoor Jacuzzis (whirlpool hot tubs). A total of 24 elevators (12x forward + 12x aft) provide access all the way to deck 16, while decks 17 and 18 are accessed by 6 lifts.