Taino Bay Puerto Turistico

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Taino Bay Puerto Turistico

Something you should know about taino

tainobay puertoplata is a world-class cruise terminal. Its recently built berths allow the simultaneous docking of three ships and the disembarkation of up to 14,000 passengers. Get to know Allure of the Seas 

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The facilities host the most important cruise lines in the world. This terminal consolidates PuertoPlata as one of the main destinations in the Caribbean. TainoBay offers new tourist facilities that include commercial spaces and gourmet experiences in the different restaurants and bars.

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Taino Bay Cruise port in Puerto Plata

How can I take the cruise Allure of the Seas to Taino Bay Port cruise

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It is undeniable beauty. The historic center of PuertoPlata, its Victorian house-style buildings, the cable car and the San Felipe fortress are just some of its main points of cultural interest, while its natural attractions such as Sosua, Cabarete, Punta Rucia and the Damajagua waterfalls represent what this destination has to offer.

Beginnings of puertoplata tainobay of Dominican Republic

Opened its operations with the arrival of the MSC Seashore, a modern EVO class cruise ship with 1,700 passengers and capacity for more than 4,540 crew members.

In the new TaínoBay, cruise passengers will arrive at an exciting destination with elements related to pre-Columbian Taino culture, as well as an ecological park, water slides, wildlife encounters, restaurants, shops and other entertainment.

From there you will have direct access to the historic center of PuertoPlata, with its colorful Victorian-style houses and buildings.

puerto plata port
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puerto plata taino bay Youtube Review

This is a short introductory video about the new TaínoBay in PuertoPlata, Dominican Republic.

Taino Bay is a newly developed cruise-port on the north coast, opening on 15 December. We make this video for those who travel on the cruises that embark in this part of the island.

We will provide a lot of info through videos and our blog listed below with everything you should do or know here in Puerto Plata.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions about us, Puerto Plata or Tainobay, feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Puerto Plata Cruise Port Tour - Taino Bay

Hi Everyone! Come and explore the beautiful Taino Bay CruisePort in Puerto Plata!  It is lovely and convenient to the cruise ships!  


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What to do in Puerto TainoBay

In its first stage, TainoBay will have a dock large enough to accommodate two ships the size of Oasis. A 20 acre/8.4 hectare land facility divided into several areas:

  • Taino Village with a theme based on the culture of the pre-Columbian people.
  • Monkey Jungle It will be an interactive ecological park with capuchin monkeys, a botanical garden, an aviary, a reptile island, a marine habitat and a sustainability center.
  • Fort Cibao It will be a theme park with slides, roller coasters, children's and VIP areas, and swimming with rays and cat sharks.
  • Bucanneers Village with shops, bars, restaurants, plazas for live entertainment and a museum.
  • Fort San Felipe a historic 14th century Spanish fortress overlooking the bay, commissioned by King Philip II of Spain in 1564 and filled with historical significance.
  • Puerto Plata Historic District, a short distance from the port and full of emblematic places, restaurants, squares, museums, shopping areas and entertainment.
  • Zip Line – A multi-stage Zip Line that will surround the entire facility.

Taino Bay app travel   

If you want to know and take advantage of the time you must download the exclusive Puerto Plata application. Help us grow and continue providing quality information, download the application.

Taino Bay Schedules

Schedules are subject to change. If you have questions about arrival and departure times, please contact your cruise line. SEE


Puerto Plata CruisePort Jobs

How to apply for jobs at Amber Cove and TainoBay cruise terminals.

The Amber Cove and Tain Bay cruise terminals have greatly benefited the province of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Among the benefits we can mention: revitalization of the area's economy, generation of new sources of employment, relaunching of Puerto Plata as a tourist destination for cruise ships and attraction of local and foreign investors.

Identify and select the vacancy that interests you most.       
Within the job offer you will find the requirements and information provided by each company.

Near the end of the article you will see how the company wants to be contacted, usually by email, but this can vary from institution to institution.

Make sure you send an updated resume, with a photograph and updated contacts (email, telephone...).

[email protected]        


TainoBay Information

  • Phone number: 17862755251
  • Facebook: @TainobayPuertoPlata
  • Twitter: @TainoBay
  • Instagram: @tainobaysocial

Located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and has been specifically developed to cater to cruise ship passengers. One of the biggest draws of the Amber Cove & Taino Bay shore excursions port is the variety of shore excursions that are available to passengers. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular port excursions in Amber Cove & Taino Bay.

More Information about TainoBay

Tain Bay will replace the old cargo of Puerto Plata, placing cruise passengers just steps from the historic district that includes Fort San Felipe, an important historical site, and the colonial heart of Puerto Plata where a 16-block area will be located. undergoing major renovations and improvements by the government.

That area includes dozens of gift shops, antique shops and emblematic places such as Paseo Doña Blanca, Parque Central, San Felipe Cathedral, the Gregorio Luperón museum, the Ámbar Gallery, Paraguas Street, the Amber Museum, the Historic Fire Department and many more places. where the cruise passengers' tour will take place.

Mexico's Grupo ITM invested $80 million in the first stage of the Taino Bay development, which includes the dock and two-berth dock facilities. Some dredging was required to bring the shipping channel and basin depth to 11.5 meters/38 feet, and a former power station and fishing pier will be removed.

The existing loading dock will be extended to 400 meters/1,312 feet, to accommodate a couple of ships the size of Oasis. In the second stage, an additional extension of 300 meters / 984 feet is planned so that three ships the size of Oasis can call simultaneously.

To create TainoBay, the old Puerto Plata loading dock was expanded to accommodate two Oasis-sized ships and a smaller vessel. Its first phase of development in the highlands includes a welcome area, transportation center, retail, beach club, food and beverage establishments, entertainment and continuous free tram service to the colonial center of Puerto Plata.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you walk to the beach in Taíno Bay?

Yes, you can walk inside the port and in the city of Puerto Plata.

How do you spend a day in Puerto-Plata Dominican Republic?

You can enjoy the nearby beaches or you can walk and visit the museums and restaurants in the area.

How far is the beach from Puerto-Plata cruise port?

The beaches are very close, just 5 minutes away, walking, download the applicationand pay attention to the distances.

Is Puerto-Plata and Amber Cove the same port?

They are not different ports. Amber Cove is located in Maimon outside of Puerto Plata and Taino Bay is in Puerto Plata.

Is Taíno Bay the same as Puerto Plata?

Puerto Plata is the name of the city where the Taino Bay Tourist Port is located.

Is the pool at Taíno Bay free?

Yes, it is part of the facilities of the place.

What are the two ports in Puerto-Plata?

Taino Bay and Amber Cove.

What dock does NCL use in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic?

Amber Cove is a new cruise port located near Puerto Plata along the North Coast, which is home to an abundance of outdoor activities, expansive beaches and historical attractions.

What is Puerto Plata best known for?

Due to its tourist attractions, culture, gastronomy and its people, the majority of tourists who come return many times to buy a house.

What is the best excursion in Puerto Plata?

The Best Puerto Plata Shore Excursions is 7 Damajagua Waterfalls.

Which cruise lines go to Taíno Bay?

These excursions are for cruisers arriving to Taino Bay IN Puerto Plata on: Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises, Virgin Voyages AND cruisers arriving to Taino Bay on Marella and Regent Seven Seas ships.