Atracciones de Amber Cove

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Atracciones de Amber Cove
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Amber Cove Aqua Fresh Zone es donde comienza la diversión, debido a sus numerosas comodidades. Ocupa casi la mitad de los 30 acres del puerto y presenta las mejores atracciones de este puerto. Esta es una de las razones por las que Amber Cove es un puerto emblemático de Carnival Cruises en el Caribe, un destino popular para los viajeros de cruceros que buscan aventura, relajación y experiencias inolvidables.

     Amber Cove Cruise port Carnival Cruise and Royal Caribbean        
Ambercove Cruise port in Puerto Plata

Las instalaciones acogen las líneas de cruceros más importantes del mundo. Esta terminal consolida a PuertoPlata como uno de los principales destinos del Caribe. TainoBay ofrece nuevas instalaciones turísticas que incluyen espacios comerciales y experiencias gourmet en los diferentes restaurantes y bares.

The Coco Caña Sky Bar

Con vista a toda Aqua Zone, el Amber Cove Sky Bar ciertamente hace honor a su nombre. Está ubicado en lo alto del punto más alto del puerto, lo que ofrece las mejores vistas del paisaje circundante de Amber Cove. Desde el Sky Bar las vistas son de 360 grados, así que piensa en disfrutar de una bebida mientras puedes ver todo el puerto, sus atracaderos, la vista al mar, la vista a la montaña y el centro comercial. Puedes sentarte en el bar o en una silla del balcón y disfrutar de la brisa caribeña con un mojito perfecto.

     The Coco Caña Sky Bar        
The Coco Caña Sky Bar
                 The Coco Caña Sky Bar      

Top 7 Tour in puerto plata

Free Cancellation: Get a full refund with up to 24 hours notice on most experiences.

Enjoy one of the best, most refreshing top tours in PuertoPlata, immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of the Damajagua, come with your family or friends to cool off in this incredible adventure in the water.


It is undeniable beauty. The historic center of PuertoPlata, its Victorian house-style buildings, the cable car and the San Felipe fortress are just some of its main points of cultural interest, while its natural attractions such as Sosua, Cabarete, Punta Rucia and the Damajagua waterfalls represent what this destination has to offer.

Hillside Cabanas

High on top of the hill where the vistas take over the spirit, we find the hillside cabanas. From these rental units you get a bird’s eye perspective of the Aqua Zone, the Maimon Bay and most of the Amber Cove port. The units include a set of essential amenities that make it super attractive to rent.

     Amber Cove Port Cabañas        
Amber Cove Port Cabañas
                 Amber Cove Port Cabañas      

Poolside Cabanas

Sitting right by the swimming pool deck, the pool side cabanas look pretty convenient for those who spend a lot of time in the swimming pool, and prefer to have their own private space to go in and out while spending time in the port. The balconies offer a great perspective of the main pool area and the swim up bar, Coco Caña.

     Amber Cove Pool        
Amber Cove Poolside Cabañas
                 Amber Cove Poolside Cabañas      

Zip Line

Zipping down over the Aqua Zone is a thrilling prospect, and it certainly draws a crowd. The zip line station at Amber Cove is an interesting sight for all those below in the loungers and pool, as the lines are long and zip above the pool side cabanas, main swimming pool, swim up bar and loungers area. The zip line safety rules require a minimum of 80 lbs/36 kg. and maximum of 265 lbs/120 Kg weight, and zero alcohol in blood.

     Amber Cove Zip Line        
Amber Cove Zip Line
                 Amber Cove Zip Line photo      

Water Slide

Every great water park has to include a fun water slide, and the one at the Amber Cove Aqua Zone is just the right size for a fun ride. The video below from Lauren of all Trades provides excellent insight on the free pool and waterslides of the Aqua Zone, included in our featured article on the Amber Cove pool slide.


Free Pool and Slide Access Amber Cove!... Carnival's Private Cruise Port

Amber Cove isn't a private island like Princess Cays or Half Moon Cay - it's a private dock area and then there's other stuff to do elsewhere on the island. But you can only go here on Carnival, Princess, and Holland America cruises.  


Coco Caña Poolside Lounge

Considered the heart of the Aqua Zone, the Coco Caña Pool Lounge is a restaurant with a swim up bar that serves the main swimming pool, and includes a second floor lounge with a laid back atmosphere, where lots of interesting conversations take place; crowds of those who stay in the port will spend most of the time here.

     Amber Cove lounge        
Amber Cove lounge
                 Amber Cove lounge photo      

Children’s Splash Area

Encircled by loungers where parents can supervise from a distance, the children’s splash area of Amber Cove is where the little ones can have their own fun with water slides; also the waterfall tree, and a giant colorful fish slide. 

     Amber Cove Kids Pool        
Amber Cove Kids Pool
                 Amber Cove Kids Pool photo      

Aqua Zone Loungers Area

Sitting between the main swimming pool and the children’s splash area, the loungers area is where you can bask in the sun and get tanned in a quieter spot. If you stay in the port in a crowded day when two ships arrive together, this might be the place to be when the pool loungers get crowded. 

     Amber Cove Adult Pool        
Amber Cove Adult Pool
                 Amber Cove Adult Pool photo      

Cabana Bar

The Amber Cove Cabana Bar services the guests staying at the Grand Cabana and all the other cabanas over the water. It is a very nice bar located on the small pier just ahead of the cabanas. It provides the waiter and restaurant services for this area of the port. For a quieter spot to have a casual conversation, sip your favorite drink or even read a book over coffee away from crowds, this is the perfect location.

     Amber Cove Bar Menu        
Amber Cove Bar Menu
                 Amber Cove Bar Menu photo      

Overwater Cabanas

The overwater cabanas at Amber Cove are an exclusive lodging area available for daily rental by cruise passengers visiting Amber Cove, located in the Aqua Zone. The Cabanas are serviced by the Cabana Bar, which also has the food menu from the Coco Cana lounge. There is a large unit called the Grand Cabana, and six other smaller ones, each with its own private area and amenities.

     Amber Cove Overwater        
Amber Cove Overwater
                 Amber Cove Overwater photo      

The Amber Cove Crew Center is a small store where you can grab a quick soft drink, chips, snacks and other products that might not be found in a restaurant or gift shop. The facilities include picnic tables, and the Crew Center is found on the the East end of the port, right after the children’s pool.

Safety and Accessibility

At Amber Cove Port’s Aqua Zone, safety and accessibility are top priorities. Trained lifeguards are stationed throughout the water park, ensuring a safe environment for all visitors. The park is also designed to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges, with ramps and accessible facilities available.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you walk to the beach in Amber Cove?  

Yes, you can walk inside the port and in the city of PuertoPlata.

How do you spend a day in Puerto-Plata Dominican Republic?

You can enjoy the nearby beaches or you can walk and visit the museums and restaurants in the area.

How far is the beach from Puerto-Plata cruise port?

The beaches are very close, just 25 minutes away, walking, download the applicationand pay attention to the distances.

Is Puerto-Plata and Amber Cove the same port?

They are not different ports. Amber Cove is located in Maimon outside of Puerto Plata and Taino Bay is in Puerto Plata.

Is Taíno Bay the same as Puerto Plata?

Puerto Plata is the name of the city where the Taino Bay Tourist Port is located.

Is the pool at Amber Cove free?

Yes, it is part of the facilities of the place.

What are the two ports in Puerto Plata?

Taino Bay and Amber Cove.

What dock does NCL use in PuertoPlata Dominican Republic?

Amber Cove is a new cruise port located near Puerto Plata along the North Coast, which is home to an abundance of outdoor activities, expansive beaches and historical attractions.

What is PuertoPlata best known for?

Due to its tourist attractions, culture, gastronomy and its people, the majority of tourists who come return many times to buy a house.

What is the best excursion in PuertoPlata?

The Best Puerto Plata Shore Excursions is 7 Damajagua Waterfalls

Which cruise lines go to Amber Cove?

  • These excursions are for cruisers arriving to Taino Bay IN PuertoPlata on:
  • Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises, Virgin Voyages
  • AND cruisers arriving to Taino Bay on Marella and Regent Seven Seas ships.