Walk around the puerto plata city

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Walk around the puerto plata city


Walk around the puerto plata city

Do you have plans to visit Puerto Plata by boat, I am going to explain how easy it is to walk through Puerto Plata and get to know it, I am going to explain it step by step, first of all I must tell you that if you are here it is because you need help and here I will help you visit is pleasant and that you take the memories of our beautiful city san felipe de puerto plata. The places that are on the map are places that you can visit with the whole family.

On the map I will leave you all the necessary information so that you can move around the city and enjoy the places of interest.


On the map there are several pieces of information that you should know.

  • —  :  Dots and red lines: You must travel by taxi.
  • ----:  Dots and Green lines: Easy to reach on foot.

Once you are already in the port of Taino Bay, let me tell you that you are in the city but you don't know it yet, it will be very overwhelming to see so many people outside the port, most of them are tour guides and taxi drivers who are there. to give you a service and it will have a cost.

Well, you decide if you want to hire third-party services to use the route to walk through the center of the city, let's go step by step. I will explain things to you as they are.

Orientation of the place

Loma Isabel de Torres y Malecon de puerto plata.

When you leave the port and you are facing the street and you must orient yourself:

To your right is Loma Isabel de Torres, on the same is the Puerto Plata cable car, you can go up the cable car, it costs less than $10.00 American dollars, if you go to the cable car you will need a taxi, always remember to ask the price before you go. address it.

To your left is the Malecon of Puerto Plata but you can't see it, just by walking along the sidewalk you can reach the boardwalk after a 2-minute walk.

The first thing you are going to see is the sign of Puerto Plata, a silver sign, quickly take out your camera and take 500 photos with all the few people you know, you are 1 minute away from the famous lace of the boardwalk where La Fortaleza San Felipe, once again take out your camera and 500 more photos, you can enter to visit the place, it costs less than 5 dollars, you can walk freely along the lace and enjoy the landscape and you will see the port of Taino Bay and you will realize what close that it is

There is still more to go, but I must remind you that Puerto Plata is a city where everything is close, walking you realize how beautiful it is and if you run into the little house in the water, take out your camera and 500 more photos.

We are on the boardwalk and you want to see more, I'll tell you that the boardwalk is 4 kilometers long and it's only one street. Along the way you will find restaurants with good food and excellent service, I know the Aguacerro Bar and Grill Restaurant belongs to the mother of a friend of mine and I go with my family but you decide which one you are going to go to, then you will find yourself with Los Bomberos from our local city red with yellow and black logo impossible not to see. If you see the street on both sides, that street will take you directly to the center of the city, where you will meet all the tourists.

Reference #1 on the boardwalk: The Malecon Firefighters.

If you are visiting, and you see the radiant sun let me tell you 95% of the days in Puerto Plata is like that day and it is a good day to walk all the way you will find bars, La Sirena supermarkets in case you need water or food here it is You will find the best “recommended” prices, if you want to have a juice or enjoy a Presidente beer, just sit down and ask for it, “remember us Puerto Plata always ask the price”.

trick #1: if you go to the supermarket and buy beers and you take it all the way in its case you can drink it without problem and you know what they are going to say about you "That one knows the wiggle already" that is a phrase that we we use and its meaning is "he already knows".

Since you are walking take a dip on the beach we recommend bathing in Cosita Rica and you know something there you will also find more tourists. Later you will see more bars but to bathe on the beach the place is delicious, there are restaurants and bars too. Well, you already knew the boardwalk from end to end, that's not all.

Let's go downtown

Guide yourself from the map at all times if you feel lost remember that you are not, return to reference #1: The Malecon Firefighters, if you need help they will help you for free, if you liked the information share it.

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