Del Oro Chocolate Factory

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Del Oro Chocolate Factory

Del Oro Chocolate Factory, Puerto Plata

A truly wonderful experience that offers the chance to sample and buy a variety of organic Dominican chocolates and chocolates products, along with learning about how it’s cultivated and produced. The factory is located in Puerto Plata’s Luperon higway.

Del Oro Chocolate Factory is a fun place to visit with kids in Puerto Plata. Producing organic Dominical Cocoa chocolate, the factory is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth. While you do get to taste a variety of chocolates, you also discover how chocolate is made using different machinery. The tour of Del Oro Chocolate Factory starts off with a small movie about the chocolate-making process, followed by chocolate sampling at the end of the tour. There is a shop here, where you can buy a number of chocolates to carry back home.

The Dominican Republic is well known for their chocolate production, so of course I had to take a Del Oro Chocolate Factory tour.

The cultivation, processing and exporting of raw cacao and other cocoa products is a large portion of their economy and they do it well! Cacao Beans

The factory tour is free, but you’ll probably end up spending money while you are there. We were greeted warmly when we first arrived.

We started off by sampling rich chocolate brownies and hot chocolate. Then we watched a short video about the history and process of chocolate production.

After that, we got to see what cacao looks like at different stages and we saw some of the large equipment that is used to produce their chocolate.

The techniques they use to temper it, make for a firmer chocolate that won’t melt too fast on a hot day.

Once our questions were answered, our guide escorted us to the gift shop. There is a glass sided, enclosed room filled with chocolate bars.

The aroma was the most wonderful thing! It was magical to be completely surrounded by the smell of chocolate.

Del Oro produces chocolate bars (white, milk, dark milk, and darks in a variety of percentages) and chocolate candy.

They also have hot chocolate mix, brownie mix, cocoa powder and cacao nibs. Their Pirates Booty brand chocolate bars include a touch of Dominican rum.

The gift shop also has a good selection of other Dominican products – bath and body products, vanilla, rum, sauces, jewelry, beverages and other ‘touristy’ items.

I ended up purchasing chocolate bars, hot cocoa and cocoa powder. The quality is noticeably better than the typical US grocery store cocoa. It’s fresh and full of flavor.

There is a shady seating area just outside, where you can relax with a cold drink and fresh baked brownie.

Prices are good and clearly listed in US Dollars. Credit cards are accepted. I do attempt to practice my Spanish when I’m traveling, but the friendly staff spoke English.

I enjoyed the tour and shopping. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences between the Del Oro factory and the Chocal women’s cooperative. Both produce delicious cacao products, but they are different. I’m glad I purchased both brands.