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Fricolandia la Isabela Luperon, Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Fricolandia, Puerto Plata is one of those unique natural places that become a landmark to any destination.


Fricolandia, Puerto Plata


Perhaps without meaning to, Frico’s friends were the best market study he could do. It all started a few years ago, when this young business manager started going with his friends to a family rest area that his father had bought ten years ago in front of the beach in La Isabela, Puerto Plata. They went there to take a dip, to eat and drink something or to celebrate their birthday. And so more and more friends and friends of friends arrived, until the young man decided to give it a business character, set up a bar, offer lunches and prepare the place to receive all audiences, from nationals to cruise passengers who only pass through through Puerto Plata.


Fricolandia, Puerto Plata


Young people used the Hashtag #fricolandia to locate the photos that were taken in the place and what better name to baptize the business, if it had been known that way before. For two years it has been officially named after that and it is a restaurant bar, on the shore of a piece of beach in the Atlantic Ocean, with a paradisiacal view of vegetation and mountains and the attention of a family that makes you feel at home.


Fricolandia, Puerto Plata


Fricolandia Puerto Plata is one of those unique natural places that become a landmark to any destination. An hour and a half from the city of Puerto Plata, specifically in the El Castillo community, in the municipality of Luperón, This exquisite dream destination offers the client the option of choosing between making a reservation for a reasonable price that includes lunch and drinks service; or the possibility of bringing your snack, while enjoying all the attractions of the place.


Fricolandia, Puerto Plata


The innovative enclave has 32 bungalows or gazebos with capacity for 20 people, located on the shores of a beautiful beach with gentle waves and breathtaking view, ideal for the enjoyment of the whole family. Among its main attractions are yacht and jet ski rides. In addition, it has a swimming pool, a playground for children and a space for camping. 


Fricolandia, Puerto Plata


On the gastronomic side, the establishment has two restaurants; one buffet style and the other a la carte.




Fricolandia, Puerto Plata


It also offers a barbecue area that clients can use with prior reservation. According to its owner, Francisco Alberto Gómez, Fricolandía is an innovative tourist space, designed so that the client feels at home.


An earthly paradise that is a privilege for those who visit it. “Each of our spaces is designed from my perspective as a tourist, that is, I offer my visitors the attention and services that I would demand in any other destination.


Fricolandia, Puerto Plata


Fricolandia is the perfect corner to connect with nature and get away from civilization ”, said Gómez. “Fricolandia treasures a dreamy natural charm, a destination that offers a postcard for the memory of those who visit us, we also have a modern and chic architectural decoration, which is why many choose us as the center for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, family parties and even business ”, argued the owner of the place.  


Fricolandia, Puerto Plata


All The Info About Fricolandia (Your Newest DR Obsession)

This is the resort-swimming spot of your dreams, complete with stunning views, a pool overlooking the ocean,  your own private cabana, and the bluest water you've seen.


fricolandia, la isabela


We love love love the Fricolandia Resort. It's just around the corner from Puerto Plata and could not be prettier. The owners have turned a picturesque overlook into our favorite swimming spot, complete with a row of thatched-roof cabanas that wind down the cliffs to the ocean below. There are little stairways that lead you down the rocky drop-off for a salty swim in the waves and a coastal grill so you can stay all day long. Make sure you bring your camera for a visit here, this place is the stuff Instagram dreams are made of. 


fricolandia la isabela


Because Fricolandia is quickly becoming our go-to spot for a quick day trip for our ILP volunteers who live in the Dominican Republic, this post is here to give you all of the details (plus a few pictures): 


We love all the beaches with sand you can swim at while in the DR, but the cabanas just give this more of a tropical, resort-like feel. You can reserve a spot to have your own cabana platform, meaning you can lay out towels under some shade before jumping over the edge if you're close enough to the water. If your cabana is higher up on the cliffs, the whole area is connected by a walkway that leads you down into the warm water.


fricolandia puerto plata


The water here is amazingly clear, and perfect for snorkeling if you want to bring your mask. Sometimes, there are floating platforms in the water that you can swim to but others mention how fun it is to bring floaties with you for a relaxing soak in the calm water. 


Take A Catamaran Tour 

The resort does offer a few rentals if you don't want to spend the whole day swimming in the pool or the ocean. A favorite little splurge is to grab your ILP group and split a day trip on a catamaran which can take you around to nearby beaches for the day, and includes lunch. 


You can get an idea on prices here for the different tour options. It becomes way more affordable if you split the tour with 20-30 people (which can bring the price down to just around $30 per person). 


About Lunch 


There is a grill available on the property which pulls in fresh seafood if you get hungry for lunch. Find other favorites on their menu like freshly caught fish, pasta dishes, sodas, grilled chicken, and more. Just FYI, some visitors don't recommend the food after some underseasoned or overpriced fish experiences, but others say they loved snagging lunch here. 


In any case, you can bring your own food and drinks onto the property if you'd rather not eat at the grill. 


The Views + Picture Spots 


Make sure to bring your camera to Fricoland — the whole area is rather picturesque, with a set of covered platforms that wind their way along the cliffside. There is also a swing set that overlooks the ocean that makes for a prime photo op. At the entrance of this whole place, you can see the world "Fricolandia" spelled out in big, colorful, block letters on a wooden sign. The sunset views from the cliffs are also topnotch. All give you quite the opportunity for a mini-photo shoot!


la isabela, fricolandia


Plus, there's a terrace pool which we just can't get enough of. 


A Few Tips To Know 

Bring Cash 


Some visitors mention that the card machines were kind of hit and miss on their visit, which meant they couldn't pay by card. There's supposedly an ATM on the property you can use, but it's a ways down the road. Best to be prepared with pesos to pay for the entrance fee and any food you'd like to purchase on the property.  


Making A Platform Reservation 


If you want to hang around one of the platforms by the coast for the day, it's best to make a reservation for one, just in case they are already all booked up on the day of your visit. We have Fricolandia's contact info above. 


Things can be busy here (which some say impacts the service if you need something from the staff), just as an FYI. 



In this way, your visit is reserved and validated with the deposit receipt, once this procedure is done, it is sent to whatsapp and we proceed to assign you a space.
(A kiosk, A table, A space)

In general, we understand that everyone wants a kiosk on the ground floor, so we suggest you make your reservation in advance.


It is not mandatory to book and pay.
But it makes your convenience easier when visiting the place.
You can pay on arrival but in that case it has no effect if you want a specific place to stay.

And sometimes it fills us up and we must close the doors to be able to provide service with the corresponding measures.




    *1,100.00 entry and pass in that area.
    *1,500.00 entry and buffet in that area.


    It is rented by reservation.
    The cost is RD $700.00 P/P
    Children from 10 years old pay the same.
    Children under 10 years old do not pay.



    *A la carte restaurant (Additional)
    *Sale of all kinds of drinks
    *All common and beach areas
    *Beach is suitable for bathing
    *Both adults and children
    * Drinking water (showers)
    *BBQ Available (To bring your things)
    *BBQ is provided free of charge, carbon included
    *Power plant
    *Assistance of cleaning staff.


    Additional and optional cost.
    If you order lunch, the menu is a la carte in the restaurant.


    You can bring Food and Drink of your choice in case you also




    *1,100.00 entry and pass in that area.
    *1,500.00 entry and buffet in that area.


    A group of more than 20 people we can quote entrance plus buffet and entrance snack. Cost would be RD $1,100.00 per person or if you reserve, the buffet may be available on the day of the reservation and you can purchase the service.


    One kiosk per group is emblematic.
    Usually people put their things and get ready for the day at the beach.
    (Depending on the number of people you can usually give 2 up for space)


    The reservation is validated with the proof of deposit for the total number of people to visit.-


    The reservation validates your ticket plus buffet only and this validates a space that is assigned to you when you send your deposit receipt.


    You can visit the CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM (It has a cost of RD $100.00 p/p)


    You can visit the FIRST CHURCH IN AMERICA (It has no cost)



You are in the center of the city where the places of interest are close and you can get there by crossing a corner, enjoy every moment with your family or your partner, show your photos to your friends of our beautiful Puerto Plata.





Choosing where to stay in Puerto Plata is very simple, if you are looking for 3 to 5 star hotels they are available for you, if you are looking for comfortable and safe cheap hotels you will also find them, we will leave you a list of 5 star hotels and cheap hotels so that you can make the right decision .

Where to Stay in Puerto Plata

We recommend these resorts around Puerto Plata for the best experience, regardless of your budget:

  • Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort : Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort is a hotel complex located in Cofresi Beach, at 30 minutes from the International airport (POP). This Complex features a variety of accommodations: Superior, Jr. Suites, apartments; penthouses, Villas, a big selection of restaurants and bars.

  • BLUEBAY Villas Doradas : Blue Bay is an 18-plus all-inclusive resort perfect for couples and groups of friends. Guests enjoy the use of a private beach, with all necessary amenities provided for a day on the sand from seating to shade.

  • Barcelo Puerto Plata : This breathtaking hotel is located right on the magnificent “Playa Dorada” with golden sand and crystal water, which offers the tourist a true Caribbean ambiance. Surrounded by an 18 holes golf court designed by Robert Trent Jones. 15 minutes (18 km) from International Puerto Plata Airport, 10 Minutes (5 km) from Puerto Plata’s Downtown.

  • Senator Puerto Plata Spa Resort : Senator Puerto Plata Spa Resort is the perfect place to enjoy a Premium “All Inclusive vacation” experience. This adult oriented resort combines luxury and sophistication. . It also features large pools and extensive gardens, making it the perfect paradise to relax and enjoy unforgettable moments.

  • Playa Bachata Spa Resort : Playabachata Spa Resort is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing holiday. At the foot of a coral beach, with stunning mountain views and surrounded by a tropical garden.  

  • Hotel Iberostar Costa Dorada : Located in the majestic beach of Costa Dorada, only 25 minutes from the International Airport Gregorio Luperon, surrounded by lush tropical gardens with fountains of colorful fishes and turtles.

  • VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort : Accented with rich colors and an exquisite mix of Victorian and Caribbean architecture, the VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort offers a savvy all-inclusive choice in Puerto Plata. Consisting of 506 spacious guest rooms and suites, this first-class resort sets the tone for any occasion offering a wealth of onsite amenities and activities.

  • Emotions By Hodelpa Playa Dorada : This five-star resort offers mid-range prices and all-inclusive plans. Breakfast is included for all guests, and the resort has pool and beach access, snorkeling, entertainment, a kids’ club, and spa.







  • Where is Fricolandia in Puerto Plata??

    An hour and a half from the city of Puerto Plata, specifically in the El Castillo community, in the municipality of Luperón, emerges one of the most idyllic recreation centers in the North region, Fricolandia, a space with a unique natural charm.

  • What is Fricolandia Puerto Plata?

    Fricolandia has officially had that name for two years and is a restaurant bar, on the shores of a piece of beach on the Atlantic Ocean, with a paradisiacal view of vegetation and mountains and the attention of a family that makes you feel at home.

  • Where is Fricolandia Dominican Republic?

    An hour and a half from the city of Puerto Plata, specifically in the El Castillo community, in the municipality of Luperón, emerges one of the most idyllic recreation centers in the North region, Fricolandia, a space with a unique natural charm.

  • What does Fricolandia offer?

    The offer includes Excursion to Fricolandia that includes: Breakfast + Snacks and drinks at the destination + Entrance to Fricolandia + Free time for swimming + Buffet lunch + View of Luperón + Visit to the ruins of the House of Christopher Columbus + Visit to Ruins of the first church of America + Entrance to a museum with pieces ...

  • How does Fricolandia work?

    In its regular operation, the restaurant opens from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. The cover is RD$700, if you decide to bring your food, but including lunch it is RD$1,100 per person. This includes water and coffee and they have drinks for sale at the bar.

  • Where is Fricolandia in Santo Domingo?

    An hour and a half from the city of Puerto Plata, specifically in the El Castillo community, in the municipality of Luperón, emerges one of the most idyllic recreation centers in the North region, Fricolandia, a space with a unique natural charm.

  • How much do you pay in Fricolandia?

    • The cost is RD $1,100.00 per person. Entry plus buffet. Children from 10 years old pay the same. Minors there do not pay anything.
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